"Vanavarayar Institute of Agriculture Office of Student Affairs"

The management concerned about the holistic approach for the development of students’personality for a productive future decided to integrate all the activities of the students into one body and give equal weightage to all activities that form a part of it. VIAOSA was inaugurated to serve the purpose.

VIAOSA serves the interests of the student body by representing student opinion, promoting academic, social and cultural activities, acting as the vehicle to facilitate students participation in decision-making processes and by recommending, implementing, codifying and evaluating the activities of the students at the end of the year to analyse and strategize the plans for the subsequent year. To increase the scope of its operation, a separate bank account is opened. The Principal and Director are licensed to operate the account. The funds collected for club activities are directly credited into the account and guidelines are set for equal allocation of the funds for the various sub-clubs that form a part of VIAOSA.

Annual master plan of activities, transparency of operation, ownership of the club’s mission, prudent financial management and collaborative working approach are some of the factors thenew body aims to achieve. In a few months of its inception, the institution found a remarkable change in the activity plans of the students. VIAOSA leaders are exhibiting leadership qualities, coordination abilities, team spirit and a definite change in their confidence level and demeanour.

Academic Clubs

National Social Service
National Cadet Corps
Yoga Club
Games & Sports Club
Library Club

Non Academic Clubs

Research & Innovation
Agripreneurship Club
Extension & Our Reach Club
Arts & Cultural Club
Eco Club

"This institute believes in enabling farming communities to bring about significant changes in their lives by themselves."